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Reflections in a kilt

About the blog

This weblog is mainly to describe slices-of-life in a kilt and with the objective, of course, that more men shall make the kilt a valuable addition to their wardrobe.

The more we are the easier it is.

Austrian made kilts

Kilt wearing Posted on Wed, June 29, 2016 15:49:25

High quality kilts shall also after Brexit be available within EU; even if they come in tartans of their own. I’m thinking of the Austrian Rettl Company, which for years has been in business with their fashionable Corinthian kilts.

In fact, I know of no other kilt maker or vendor doing so much for promoting kilts.

Just have a look at the new 132 pages Rettl & Friends web magazine:

How about a camouflage kilt?

Kilt wearing Posted on Wed, June 29, 2016 15:34:06

You like kilts but are not so much for tartans, or you should just like some variety:

Perhaps a Camouflage kilt might be a good idea. Scotweb is selling such kilts for just 99 GBP.

Consequenses of Brexit

Kilt wearing Posted on Wed, June 29, 2016 15:27:07

The United Kingdom is to leave The European Union and that also includes Scotland – at least until the Scots might chose independence – and Europe.

But what does the Brexit mean to kilt buyers living in Europe? Well technically it is going to be a bit more complicated. But prices on kilts should not go up very much, if at all.

For years it has been extremely easy – one of the blessings of belonging to EU. You just paid the price including British VAT and had your kilt delivered.

When the Brexit is a reality it shall be different:

You’ll have to pay the kilt price excluding British VAT plus freight, added 12% import tax, added your local VAT plus a handling fee to the courier company. 10 EU countries do have a VAT rate of 20 % or lower. In 6 countries it is approx. the same (21%) and in 11 it varies from 22% to 27%, meaning worse.

It is to believe, however, that the British Pound shall loose so much compared to the Euro and other European currencies (it has already started) that this shall more than compensate for the 12 % import tax on clothing. In some countries, therefore their new kilt might become a little cheaper, in others a little bit more expensive.

Right now, who these days is ordering a kilt from Scotland can save money compared to one month ago.


Kilt wearing Posted on Tue, January 12, 2016 22:22:43

Right now fine casual kilts are really cheap. Heritage of sells them with 20% off, meaning a good opportunity to order your first kilt or just buy yourself another one. Many tartans to choose.

Back in 2007 I bought one of these kilts, in MacLeod of Harris tartan. And today I have actually been wearing it again. It’s really amazing how good this kilt is still looking, after all these years of frequent wearing.

I haven’t lost interest

Kilt wearing Posted on Sat, June 06, 2015 07:36:15

I’m not too often here on my blog. Having always complained about not maintained webpages on the internet, I should be, however.

Well, contrary to kilt makers and vendors of kilts I don’t make this for a living. I just like buying kilts and accessories AND, first of all, wearing them. That I will whenever possible, which again means almost every day year round. I never need a reason or an excuse; just acceptable weather. That may explain my rather seldom activity here. I simply didn’t get the time.

In future I’ll try to write a little bit more, however. I’ll try.

I have been busy on the internet, nevertheless. A few months ago I have been giving my homepage, Dress2kilt, a completely new layout. Some text was revised and the gallery was increased by about 500 pictures; now sorted by tartan. It took quite some time. If you have not yet noticed, you may take a look.

Kilts or kilted skirts for women?

Kilt wearing Posted on Sat, June 06, 2015 07:06:49

Normally we hear that the kilt is for men only; women wear kilted skirts, when in behind-pleated, wrap-over (tartan) things. At least this is a distinction Scotsmen seem to prefer. Well, on other languages than English a kilt has probably always been just a kilt, whoever gender were supposed to wear it.

Yesterday I on the internet found a new site, Le Kilt, belonging to a female Scottish kilt maker making kilts – for women.

Even if you are looking for KILTS you may nevertheless enjoy this site, due to its most elegant layout. And, by the way, the kilts themselves handmade in Scotland for women by Samantha McCouch and branded Le Kilt are looking absolutely gorgeous.

Utility kilts

Kilt wearing Posted on Wed, March 04, 2015 08:31:07

15 years ago an American, Steven Villegas, launched his Utilikilt and founded his company, in Seattle, USA. It meant kind of revolution, and in the meantime the brand Utilikilt has gained icon status – is THE modern kilt, so to speak and if you today want the ‘real’ thing you must be prepared to pay over $200 for it.
If you are an EU-resident duty tax and VAT come on top and you are exceeding what equals 300 €.

A few years ago most affordable utility kilts, primarily made by numerous small enterprises in the city of Sialkot in Northern Pakistan started popping up, however, and now kilt shops in America and Europe are selling these non-branded utility kilts.

Some are only available in the standard 24” length; with others you have a choice. They not only come in many different colors; but also in various designs. £40 or the equivalent might be what it takes.

Tempted? You can learn more about utility kilts here:

The kilt is alive

Kilt wearing Posted on Mon, July 14, 2014 04:58:41

For the Scottish participants of the upcoming Commonwealth Games a special orange/light blue tartan has been created. It is to be used for kilts to be worn by the men and for capes for the women during the opening ceremony.

Together with the kilt the men will wear patterned light blue shirts – equalizing the dresses for the female participants – yellow/brownish kilt hose, flashes in the kilt tartan, and brown sporrans and shoes, but, unfortunately, no belt and buckle.

Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

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