It might very well be the case. At least two major kilt providers are now concentrating on imported kilts. In September or October last year Kilt Society stopped taking orders on their fine custom kilts and shortly afterwards Heritage of Scotland, without notice, had stopped too. I have bought several excellent made-to-measure kilts from Heritage of Scotland, when they were still branded John Morrison.
No doubt, competition from Far East in general and through 2020 and continuing in 2021 the Corona pandemic must be a big problem, the latter especially for kilts to be worn at special events, which to a great extent must have been cancelled and with 2021 so far worldwide looking problematic, too.
I don’t know how enterprises like Kilt Society and Heritage of Scotland are organized. I always thought that they had their custom kilts made by kilt makers working free-lance, at home, but if they have been on the payroll, it is obvious that no or few orders mean that fix cost must be reduced. And probably starting before Corona.
When I was a customer at Heritage of Scotland delivery time for a John Morrison kilt was max 42 days or 6 weeks. And contrary to many other vendors they delivered on time or earlier. Later it could be “anything between 9 and 15 weeks”, as far as I remember their website. Most unsatisfactory, of course, and one reason why this vendor to me turned out to be a less obvious choice.
Longer waiting times could be because of growing demand, but more likely, it was due to fewer kilt makers working within the company, eventually ending up with no one at all. Again, meaning departure from this part of the business.
There are still Scottish providers of custom kilts, also at reasonable prices. But otherwise, it might become a market dominated by “imported” kilts, being they ready-made or sewn-to-measure. Like it is the case with other clothes, from cheapest ones to most expensive brands.
And are kilts worn the way I think they should be worn, as daily attire or attire for the spare time, rather than for too seldom occurring events, the condition is affordable kilts.