This year we have a hot summer with many days where temperatures have exceeded 25 C (77 F) and even reached 30 C (86 F). And it is up here in Northern Europe. In Italy, Spain and on Balcony it is much warmer, much longer, and each summer.

For enthusiastic kilt wearers such heat is no good. Unless you adjust to reality.

Not only are 8 yards of heavyweight 16 oz. fabric far from being comfortable, but people around you in shorts and skirts and t-shirts and in sandals or sport shoes shall either feel pity for you or find it absolutely ridiculous if seeing you in full Scottish costume. I did feel sorry for a guy whom I two years ago saw in Croatia and such dressed. If he had been on his way to a wedding or the like, it had been understandable, but nothing indicated, he was. He was a tourist and it was obvious that he did not feel at ease.

Purists might not have accepted how I was dressed, but this poor fellow might have been the only one representing them in town. I’m pretty convinced that the tens of thousands of other people being around town that afternoon have wondered less about my way of dressing.

I was wearing my Original Sport Kilt, the kilt coming from hot Utah in the US. It is made of an 8 oz. fabric, feeling, and looking, like flannel. In my case it has invisible, deep slide pockets, meaning no need for a sporran.    

Traditional kilt hose should have looked just as out of place as a heavy weight kilt – to my opinion. Therefore, no kilt hose, but short socks, or invisible socks, thin knee-high socks, or no socks.

This Summer, due to Corona spent in our own country, but with the warmth of Southern Europe, my preferred summer kilt is again my Sport Kilt.

Summer 2020

For information: Buying a Sport Kilt is very much like buying a car. Paying just the basic price it can drive but not much else. If you buy a Sport Kilt at the basic price, you’ll have a very basic kilt. Mine has added features like sewn down pleats, belt loops, fringes, and, as most important and already mentioned, invisible slide pockets. The tartan is called Loch Ness.