I have decided to find out. Tartanista in London is selling their “Value kilt” range at prices starting at £16.95. In order to have it that cheap, you must be pretty slim, however. A 30” waistline isn’t much for a grown up man. Two inches more and you are two pounds up. And from 34” through 42” the price is 22.95. That’s probably where most of customers are. For men of some substance, between 44” and 48” you have to pay one pound more and when ii cannot be larger, at 50”, the kilt shall cost you £24.95. But still, less than £25 for a kilt is cheap, whatever the size.

Yesterday I ordered it.

Tartanista I know already. I have bought a few sporrans from them. And they have been good and cheap. And I have bought a Tartanista forest green kilt many years ago. To the price it was fine. I haven’t used it very much, however. It was to the tight side. When buying other off-the peg kilts ordering them one size down has always given a better fit. This time I have followed Tartanista’s sizing instructions, so let’s see.

What made me interested in ordering a new kilt was the fact that the Tartanista Value kilts you can now have shorter and longer than the otherwise standardized 24”. Well, only in one tartan, Black Watch, but a start it is. Mine to come is 22” short.

I know already that this kilt shall involve a compromise. The pleats are – according to the pictures – not sewn down. And nowhere are they told to be. And therefore they shall not be, I’m sure. No doubt, the sewing down process is time consuming and cost ineffective and contradicting a starting price of just 16.95 British pounds.
I never had a kilt without sewn-down pleats. How obvious shall it be that it has not? Shall it make a difference on windy days? I’m going to find out.

How about accuracy of the pleating? Black Watch is probably not the most difficult of tartans when it comes to arrange the pleats to the sett. But again, let’s see.

And the fabric itself? Shall it feel nice? Look nice (enough)? In seven to ten days I’ll know. And I’m going to tell you.