A quality kilt, sewn by a Scottish kiltmaker shall last you a lifetime; and it might go on to generations.

Something like this is what you often see when looking for a kilt.

No doubt, it is thought to be an argument justifying a high investment in a kilt. But should it really make sense to you as a customer?

Well, if you keep your size all life and the kilt shall not only fit next generation but also be interesting for a son or grandson to wear; it may. But how likely is it? Don’t forget the importance of the correct fitting when having your kilt made exactly to your measures. And the very thought of caring for your precious kilt might probably mean that you should only use it at few and very special occasions.

But is it a clever argument from the perspective of the kiltmaker, then? No. It is an extremely bad one, in fact; at least a most short-sighted one. Could you imagine a manufacturer of anything else being interesting in selling no more than one of his products to the same customer – and his heirs?
Like me, I’m rather convinced that you cannot.

And, somehow absurdly, even the cheapest kilt, worn only twice a year could serve you a lifetime and be handed over to next generation. It wouldn’t look as good as that fine and expensive kilt. It would never have. But that is quite another story.