Just a few years ago I complained about kilt makers’ and vendors’ pretty bad web sites.

Well, still some are looking most old fashioned, but most sites have obviously been renewed, resulting in a better design and improved functionality.

A site that has really impressed me is the new Heritage of Scotland.com home page. Not that their old web site was ever bad, far from, but the new one is definitely more stylish, and then it gives a lot of information on kilts, tartans, clans etc. Add to that it is as easy as never before to order a kilt according to your measures.

Only one thing could need a revision: When ordering a kilt you might get the impression that you have only 10 (most popular) or 20 (view all) tartans to choose from. And that is not the case.

There are in fact no less than 1.500 tartans on their tartan list. But if your are looking for a nice tartan you must know the name of it (not all customers have their one and only tartan) – or be inspired somewhere else, like on The Scottish Register of Tartans site – and then return to the Heritage pf Scotland site to check the price.

It is a little bit complicated. Much better, it would be, could you have tartans on display, sorted by letter or colour(s).