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Reflections in a kilt

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This weblog is mainly to describe slices-of-life in a kilt and with the objective, of course, that more men shall make the kilt a valuable addition to their wardrobe.

The more we are the easier it is.

I haven’t lost interest

Kilt wearing Posted on Sat, June 06, 2015 07:36:15

I’m not too often here on my blog. Having always complained about not maintained webpages on the internet, I should be, however.

Well, contrary to kilt makers and vendors of kilts I don’t make this for a living. I just like buying kilts and accessories AND, first of all, wearing them. That I will whenever possible, which again means almost every day year round. I never need a reason or an excuse; just acceptable weather. That may explain my rather seldom activity here. I simply didn’t get the time.

In future I’ll try to write a little bit more, however. I’ll try.

I have been busy on the internet, nevertheless. A few months ago I have been giving my homepage, Dress2kilt, a completely new layout. Some text was revised and the gallery was increased by about 500 pictures; now sorted by tartan. It took quite some time. If you have not yet noticed, you may take a look.

Kilts or kilted skirts for women?

Kilt wearing Posted on Sat, June 06, 2015 07:06:49

Normally we hear that the kilt is for men only; women wear kilted skirts, when in behind-pleated, wrap-over (tartan) things. At least this is a distinction Scotsmen seem to prefer. Well, on other languages than English a kilt has probably always been just a kilt, whoever gender were supposed to wear it.

Yesterday I on the internet found a new site, Le Kilt, belonging to a female Scottish kilt maker making kilts – for women.

Even if you are looking for KILTS you may nevertheless enjoy this site, due to its most elegant layout. And, by the way, the kilts themselves handmade in Scotland for women by Samantha McCouch and branded Le Kilt are looking absolutely gorgeous.