15 years ago an American, Steven Villegas, launched his Utilikilt and founded his company, Utilikilts.com in Seattle, USA. It meant kind of revolution, and in the meantime the brand Utilikilt has gained icon status – is THE modern kilt, so to speak and if you today want the ‘real’ thing you must be prepared to pay over $200 for it.
If you are an EU-resident duty tax and VAT come on top and you are exceeding what equals 300 €.

A few years ago most affordable utility kilts, primarily made by numerous small enterprises in the city of Sialkot in Northern Pakistan started popping up, however, and now kilt shops in America and Europe are selling these non-branded utility kilts.

Some are only available in the standard 24” length; with others you have a choice. They not only come in many different colors; but also in various designs. £40 or the equivalent might be what it takes.

Tempted? You can learn more about utility kilts here: