No doubt, it takes skills to make a traditional kilt, adjusting the pleats with utmost precision to the pattern of the tartan etc. But perhaps you one day should like to buy a solid colored kilt, not a utility kilt with all its pockets and buttons, but a traditional style kilt in black for example.
Your first thought: Must be a lot cheaper.

It isn’t, rather on the contrary.
I have checked out what some kilt vendors are charging for a black traditional woolen kilt in GBP. Most of them operate with a basic price and a variable amount, depending on the material, because in several cases you have to pay extra for the fabric. Nowhere the basic price is reduced.

Where to buy? If it is only a question of price you can have a black woolen kilt for as little as £85, but it is only a 2 yard and you cannot decide the length. In most cases you are over £200.

Highland Store Men’s Black 2 yard budget kilt: £85

Tartanweb 5 yard: 160 +10 (Marton Mills 16 oz.) = £170

MacGregor MacDuff 7 yard Value kilt: 199 +0 = £199

Tartanweb 5 yard 160 + 40 (Strathmore 13 oz.) = £200

Scotweb Black wool casual kilt 5 yard: £235

Heritage of Scotland 5 yard James Morrison: 151 + 86 (13 oz. Strathmore) = £237

Buy a 5 yard: 164 + 74 (13 oz. Strathmore) = £238

Highland Store Men’s worsted Wool 5 yard kilt in black: £245

Scotlandshop Men’s casual 4 yard kilt in Black (4 yard, 10 oz.) = 245 + 0 = £245