The Braveheart’s Kilt Forum
This discussion board is for sharing and responding to ideas, observations, experiences, and news concerning kilts, kilt variations, men’s skirts, sarongs, and other male unbifurcated garments. Our purpose is to to liberate men from the tyranny of trousers by encouraging and promoting the wearing, acceptance, and availability of masculine, unbifurcated garments that are designed and intended specifically for men. – The kilt forum with an European touch

xmarksthescot – X Marks the Scot is an international community of kilt wearers and those who encourage the wearing of kilts. Kilts are a man’s garment and it is our goal to promote the wearing of the kilt in more than just the “Highland Games” situation. This is not a forum for men looking to wear womens clothing nor is it a forum for other types of men’s un-bifurbricated garments. If you want to know more about kilts then you have come to the right place! You do not have to be Scottish to post here or to wear a kilt.